... "Rick has a way putting his feelings and thoughts into words that are affecting and entertaining. An interesting and alluring album, “Devil’s In the Details” is a journey through the mind and soul of someone who grew up in an old mill town along the Blackstone River in Northern Rhode Island and is worth a listen." David Bowling …B+ ... Music Reviewer/ Daily Vault / Seattlepi.com
…” Rick Demers sure knows his way around a song and his debut solo album, Devil’s In The Details lives up to its name because he has written an impressive set of songs with intricate arrangements and memorable melodies that have one foot firmly planted in the past and one in the present, resulting in a promising future that was ten years in the making. Well, here is hoping we don’t have to wait another ten years for album number two!” CD Review by: Justin Kreitzer, Dayton OH
… “Rick’s captured themes of lost and longing but not without leaving us with a glimmer of hope. There’s some great songwriting here dressed in some bluesy arrangements that make for a fine piece of work”.   Nancy Beaudette, Moonlit Pond Records & Promotions